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  • Mike Nicolson (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Jake Kimmel (Harmonica, Vocals)
  • Neal Fennell (Guitar, Vocals)
  • - formerly Clare Caldicott (Bass, Vocals)
  • Doug Nicholls (Drums)


  • Danceable/Upbeat Blues


  • Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada



You want fun dance music? blackfish is the best blues dance band in Victoria.

Please see the blackfish Facebook site at blackfish .

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BlackfishFour Minutes of BLACKFISH 1
Four Minutes of BLACKFISH
2015/11/25Various Artists, Hard Road by Mike Nicolson4:05
BlackfishThree Minute Master 1
Blackfish Three Minute Master
2015/11/25Mix: CC 1507081514Various Artists, Hard Road by Mike Nicolson2:49
blackfish2015/01/08 at James' 7Hard Road2019/10/17Mix: 19/10/06 12:37 JRMike Nicolson3:14
blackfish2015/08/01 Wheelies20
Numpty Blues
2015/10/25Recorded from Mike's POVMike Nicolson4:51
blackfish2015/09/04 JBAA37
Took One For The Gibson
2015/11/25Mix: Both Recorders 1510101000 CCJake Kimmel4:16
blackfish2015/12/04 Firehall14Whos Been Talking2015/12/13Remaster for dynamic range5:39
blackfish2016/10/13 Practice 0Stoned, Drunk and Naked2016/10/18Mix: 1610171745 CCAnders Osbourne5:41