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Full Sail1972 1Pieces Over You2011/10/31Studio6:23
Full Sail1972 2Falling2011/10/31Studio3:59
Full Sail1972 3Forgotten Moments2011/10/31Studio4:06
Full Sail1972 4The Way I Feel2011/10/31Studio4:33
Full Sail1972 5Not a Lot To Say About Love2011/10/31Studio3:21
Full Sail1972 6Only The Ashes2011/10/31Studio4:58
Full Sail1972 7Well I Dont2011/10/31Studio - Clare vocals5:42
Full Sail1972 8What Can I Say2011/10/31Studio7:46
Full Sail1972 9The Way I Feel - Live2011/10/316:01
Full Sail197210Whole Lot Of Shaking - Live2011/10/312:25
Full Sail197211Taking Care Of Business - Live2011/10/3110:59
Full Sail197212Nights On Broadway - Live2011/10/3137